Compulsory rules and regulations

1. Tickets shall be obtained on telematics-based platforms at El Caminito del rey´s website or by means determined by the licensed company. You will be issued with the ticket only after having accepted the conditions. On that occasion, you shall be given an access code that can be read by telematics devices.

2. In order to visit El Caminito del Rey it is compulsory to own an entry ticket either on digital format or printed. Access will always be, unless via a special authorisation, through the northern zone (Ardales) so the visit is always downhill.

3. Visitors over the age of 8 and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and provide proof of age through an ID, passport, family book or equivalent so it can be verified along the route by Staff. Plus, adults of age must always carry a proof of age document as it will be required in order to enter and exit the path

4. Each ticket provides each person with liability insurance that will cover each contingency happening during their visit from entering the footbridges upon leaving the footbridges, so long as the contingencies did not occur due to failure to comply with the established norms or by the visitor’s entire fault.

5. Visitors must arrive at the access point 30 minutes before their visit is due. Access point is 25 minutes away from the Restaurant El Kiosko right next to the Conde del Guadalhorce Swamp.

6. Visitors carrying their own ticket will be able to access the footbridge through the northern access. Only approved areas can be accessed, and access through any other point of the path is strictly forbidden, especially through the train tracks. The Provincial council is exonerated from all responsibility derived from access through forbidden routes.

7. The area will be open Tuesday to Sunday except December 24th, 25th and 31st and January 1st, Mondays and days or periods in which closure is agreed.

8. Visitors are required to wear the security devices provided correctly.

9. Extreme caution is required when passing over slower visitors on the boardwalks to avoid placing anyone close to the gorge in danger.

Other legal provisions

Lastly, the following legal provisions will also be taken into account:

1. At the access route and during the visit, norms and rules from the Control and Information Staff as well as Security staff must be accepted. Extreme caution must be taken to prevent falls as well as collaborate with the area’s cleanness.

2. Visitor’s transit or vehicles are only allowed in authorised and signalled areas. There will be information spots and forbidden signals along the route that must always be respected.

3. Disregard for the previously mentioned rules will allow the authorities to sanction and expel the individual from the premises.

4. The responsible administration reserves the authority to shut down, limit or temporarily suspend the visit any time due to security reasons, preservation, repair work or meteorological reasons. These changes do not give any right to people affected by them.

5. Measures and recommendations derived from the Caminito del Rey Management staff, Environmental agents or the state security will always be compulsory.

6. The Caminito del rey platform will facilitate all corresponding information as well as any changes or incidence that happens within it.