Visitors' Reception Centre

Location and timetables

The Visitors' Reception Centre is situated at el Puerto de las Atalayas, 57.7km away from Málaga, 6km away from the Ardales crossing and 51km away from Antequera.

Currently, at the Visitors' Reception Center you cannot buy tickets to access the Caminito del Rey. You can reserve and purchase your ticket through this website or directly at the northern access of the Caminito, at the ticket office.


Reception Centre´s coordinates
X: 36.914411 / Y: -4.806910
Distance from Málaga
57,7 km
A-384 until Campillos, A-357 until Ardales´crossing, continue via MA-5403
Distance from Ardales´crossing
6 km
Distancia from Antequera
51 km
A-384 until Campillos, A-357 until Ardales´crossing, continue via MA-5403


From 8:00 h. Until 17:00 h.

* The timetables, opening dates and possible changes and modifications to them will be those established by the management company and any changes will be communicated on this platform and on the project's social networks.

Parking and shuttle bus

You can park in Visitors' Reception Centre Parking (2 euros/day).
In this case, we recommend that you be parked in this parking at least one hour in advance. You can reserve and purchase your space through our website during the ticket purchase process. or directly upon arrival (depending on availability). There you will find the shuttle bus stop (service not managed by Caminito del Rey). Once the Caminito de Rey is finished (1:30 – 2:00 hours approx.), in the neighborhood of El Chorro (Álora) you return the protection helmet provided by the organization and the shuttle bus stop is 300 meters away ( service not managed by Caminito del Rey).
The single bus ticket allows you to travel freely in both directions as many times as you need on the day of your visit. The cost is 2.50 euros/pax (not included in the ticket price) and you can buy it on our website (your ticket is linked), or directly at the time of use, which must be paid in cash to the driver at the Boarding the bus DOES NOT ADMIT CARD PAYMENT. THE USE OF A MASK IS MANDATORY DURING THE JOURNEY.
The bus service schedule is from 07:50 am to 07:00 pm. The journey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to the stop near El Kiosko Restaurant.