Privacy Policy


  • C.I.F.: U05387717
  • Registered Office: Málaga, Avda. José Ortega y Gasset, nº 112.
  • Phone: 952322000
  • Contact:
  • The first aim: to manage ticket or merchandising purchase and deal with any claim or suggestion received in terms of their purchase.

    Legitimacy: The effective enforcement of the contract relation of ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ with the client in terms of the purchase.

  • Second aim: to send satisfaction forms related to the purchases done by the client..

    the legitimate interest of ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ to find out its services or products’ impact on their clients..

  • Third aim: To send information or commercial communications from ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ on any mean provided for that, only about their products or offered services by ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ as well as adjusting commercial offers to the clients’ preferences regarding the study and personal information gathering..

    legitimacy: explicit consent of the user upon selecting the box accepting personalised commercial communications.

With which aim do we deal with your personal data?

At UTE CAMINITO DEL REY we deal with the information facilitated by people wih the only aim of:

  • Manage the ticket delivery and deal with any claim or suggestion received according to the purchase..
  • Send Satisfaction forms related to the purchase done by the client..
  • to send information or commercial communications on any media about the products or services as well as adjusting commercial offers to the clients’ preferences as part of the study and personal and commercial information division..

In the case that ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ might want to use your data for purposes different to the aforementioned ones, information on this new aim will be provided always previously in order to get your explicit consent. The interested person will be the only one responsible if the information given is false, wrong, incomplete or outdated..

How long will we keep your data?

Personal data provided will be kept unless you ask for their cancellation and only as long as they are accurate or relevant and limited to the necessary ones for your purchase..

Do you need to provide us with all your data?

Yes, you will need to provide all your personal data that are identified as compulsory for the registration of your purchase..

In terms of the purchase without identification, which can be done without creating an account, you will need to provide all the necessary data (email and contact number) in order to complete your purchase..

Said data will be dealt with by the database of ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ according to the aforementioned aims and according to the previous section 2.2, they will be kept unless you do not exercise your right to cancel them as mentioned in section 8 of this privacy policy. .

Data provided can only be given to any ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ entity or third-party when it is strictly necessary to comply with the treatment aim.

Will your data be shared with other companies or third-parties?

Yes, your data will be communicated to ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ entities as well as to third-parties only to carry out the aims described in section 2.1 in relation to your purchase management..

Data provided might be communicated to third-parties when it is strictly necessary to carry out the treatment aims..

‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ will not be able to share your data to the aims described in the section ‘to which aim do we deal with your personal data?’ to other companies outside the European Economic Area that collaborate now or in the future in activities or promotional campaigns to develop ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ unless you give your explicit consent..

To whom will your data be sent?

No, ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ wont communicate your data for aims described in the section ‘to which aim do we deal with your personal data?’ to other companies outside the European Economic Area that collaborate now or in the future in activities or promotional campaigns to develop ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ unless you give your explicit consent.

Right to access, rectify or suppress data as well as other rights as explained below in additional information..

What are your rights when providing data??

Anyone has the right to obtain information regarding whether ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ is dealing with their personal information properly or not. As observed by the Data Protection Regulations we inform you have the following rights, for which their effective application will be according to the requirement by the Regulations (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on April 27th 2016.:

Access your data: You have the right to access your data to know for which purposes we are managing it..

Request their alteration or suppression: In certain circumstances you have the right to rectify the inaccurate personal information of your concern, that may be object to be dealt with on our part or even request their suppression when, along other motives, data is no longer necessary for the purposes it was gathered for..

Request a limit on your data dealing: In certain circumstances you will have the right to request a limit on your data dealing, in which case we will inform you we only keep them to defend claims as prevailed by the Data Protection Regulations..

On the portability of data: In certain circumstances you will have the right to receive personal data of your concern that you may have facilitated in a structured format and normal reading and to provide them to others responsible for their treatment..

Opposing your data dealing: In certain circumstances and for motives related to your personal situation, you will have the right to oppose your data dealing in which case we will stop using them other than for legitimate reasons or to exercise the defense to possible claims..

Where do you have to go to exercise your rights?

To exercise your aforementioned rights, the interested person can get in touch with ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ by post, indicating ‘Data protection’ to the Data Protection Department (DPO) at ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ in Málaga, 112, Avenue José Ortega y Gasset or via email on

When will we answer your claim?

We will answer your claim as quickly as possible with a max. deadline of a month after your submission. Taking into account the complexity and number of applications received, said deadline could be extended to two months if needed, in which case ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ will inform the person of the extension indicating the motif. .

Does the interested person have the right to claim?

Yes, the interested person, especially when they have obtained no satisfaction in the exercise of their rights, has the right to present a claim before the national control authority, being the Spanish Data Protection Agency..

Prior to presenting said claim, the interested person can address the email:

The following document has the aim to establish the Privacy Policy in this website titled ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ with C.I.F number: U05387717 with address in 112 Avenue Ortega y Gasset, Málaga..

We will explain in this document how data is gathered, used and shared and how your personal data is protected upon your contract and the way you use our products, services and website..

Our clients’ opinions matter to us, so if you have any question on our Privacy Policy you can contact us in the aforementioned address or an email addressed to: protecció

Transparency is really important for us, so we ask you to dedicate a few moments to read this Privacy Policy whose aim is to guarantee the legislation’s compliance in terms of personal data protection and your ability to make a decision regarding that..

‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ commits to respect your confidentiality and use it regarding the treatment’s aims as well as be obliged to keep your data and adapt all the means to avoid their variation, loss or non-authorised treatment according to what was established on the Regulation (UE) 2016/679 Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the LOPDGDD, Organic Law 2/2018 on December 5th on Protection of Personal Data and digital rights guarantee..

The user states and guarantees they are over age and has the necessary legal capacity to use the services offered in this website..

‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ will adopt all the means they deem convenient to corroborate the user’s age and they might be required by ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ at any moment to demonstrate their age through an ID photocopy or equivalent. A negative answer to this requirement by the user or the absence of an answer in the indicated time by ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ will give the latter one the right to suspend or cancel the user’s registration as a preventive matter..

The user commits to avoid making false or fraudulent purchases and accurately facilitate personal data..

The lack of truth or incomplete data facilitated will exclusively be the user’s responsibility and will mean the purchase cancellation on ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’..

5.1) Which is the legitimacy for your data treatment?

The legal base for your data treatment is based on the contractual relation in which the client is part when making a purchase as well as the legitimate interest of ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ to know the impact of their services and products on their clients and the explicit consent of the interested party upon selecting the box that allows personalised comercial communications..

5.2) Do you have the right to retract your consent?

Yes, the interested party has the right to retract their consent at any moment without this affecting the treatment lawfulness based on the previous consent. .

5.3) Will automated individual decisions and/or profile creations be made that will have legal effects or affect the individual significantly?

No, at ‘UTE CAMINITO DEL REY’ no automated decisions or profile creation with the facilitated data will be carried out..

In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we inform you that we have adopted all the necessary technical and organisational measures to prevent any alteration, loss, improper use, disclosure, and treatment or unauthorized access to the data you provided, as required by personal data protection regulations.

In this sense, 'UTE CAMINITO DEL REY' guarantees the custody of the managed data, for which it will adopt the pertinent measures for such purposes, always in accordance with the state of technology at all times..

Our security measures are permanently updated in accordance with technological development and data protection regulations.

In the event that you provide data from a third party, for example, to request an order for a product offered by 'UTE CAMINITO DEL REY', you are informed that you will be responsible for having obtained consent from the person whose data you provided to 'UTE CAMINITO DEL REY'.

In addition, in case you have questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact the entity described above, in its capacity as Responsible, who is at your disposal in case you need additional information to the processing of your personal data, you wish make suggestions or raise complaints.

'UTE CAMINITO DEL REY' is not responsible for the processing of your personal data on websites not under the domain of 'UTE CAMINITO DEL REY', which you can access through the different links that our website contains, nor of the security measures adopted by any other web page that allows a link with ours.

This data protection legal warning will prevail over any other legal notice / data protection clause that contains any condition that contradicts what is established herein