Unique Festivities

The Provincial Tourist Unique distinctive granted by the Malaga Provincial Council serves to value a great variety of festivals that certify the originality and diversity of traditions, events, flavors and folklore that our municipalities treasure. Promoting the Singular Festivities of our province, making them known and ensuring that both the people of Malaga and our visitors attend their celebrations is our main objective. Come and have fun. Malaga, a unique province.

Indeed, a brand is a signal to distinguish something or someone, which denotes their quality or belonging to a certain group or category. And, precisely, it is this quality search criterion that we at the Malaga Provincial Council follow when we make the decision to grant the brand or distinctive of Provincial Tourist Unique Festival to more than 100 Malaga festivals that already enjoy this positive name today..

For this we also pay attention to the meaning of "unique", to give our parties that extraordinary or excellent character that distinguishes them or separates them from the common and elevates them to a higher category that they deserve for the peculiarity of some of them and for their importance as instruments for tourism promotion and conservation of a cultural heritage based deeply on our deepest traditions.

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