How to get there

Caminito del Rey is situated in the middle of multi-layered natural surroundings that consist of reservoirs, mountains, gorges and valleys, which are difficult to approach. This is why it is impossible to reach the beginning of the path by vehicle but you need to walk for quite a while.

This is why it is necessary to plan enough time (in hours), because it is one thing to get to the area and a very different one to reach the control cabin. To check the route click here

1.-By road

From Málaga

Starting your trip in Málaga City, take the A–357 motorway and go towards the MA-5403, through the Towns of Cártama, Pizarra, Carratraca, and Ardales. This route is 59.1 km long, and it takes a bit more than 50 minutes by car.

From Antequera

From most points of Andalusia, placed north of the El Caminito del Rey, the best way to access the trail is coming from Antequera (which is usually accessed by the A-92 motorway). At Antequera, you can head towards Campillos via the A-384 motorway, which leads to the reservoirs of El Chorro (A-357 and MA-451) in Ardales. This route is 55 km long and takes about 54 minutes.

From Ronda

Finally, you can also reach the trail from Ronda, along the motorway that stretches from Cadiz (A-367) to Ardales. There you can take the aforementioned MA-5403. This route is 60 km long and takes one hour.

2.-By train

Check in advance with RENFE schedules, prices and stations where trains stops before making the trip.

In this case the only option is to reach the El chorro - Caminito del Rey (Álora) station. Therefore, you must take into account the RENFE timetables to and from the station. You must also check the combination with shuttle bus timetables towards the Northern access.

Shuttle bus trips start at 08:30 from the Southern area and operate every 30 minutes until 16:30