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The Great Malaga Path

The Great Malaga Path

The Great  Malaga  Path is a pioneer route in Andalusia, which shows the territorial and environmental variety of the entire province and connects it in a unique journey that stimulates interest in nature and promotes towns in the Province of Málaga.

It also achieves interaction between environment, sports, tourism and job opportunities, and promotes the sustainable development of the entire province.

Moreover, it is a long-distance tour (GR-249) which connects existing trails in the province, connects us with the Mozarabic Camino de Santiago, as well as with the part of the national and European network of trails, such as the European Grand Tour (GR-92 E-12), which crosses the Mediterranean arc and ends in Greece.

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Due to all these facts, the Great Path of Málaga is ....

  • A SPORTS infrastructure that makes possible some activities such as rafting, via ferrata, canoeing, mountain biking, climbing and canyoning.
  • A PATH that goes through 4 natural parks, 2 nature reserves and 3 natural beauty spots.
  • A journey through the CULTURES of the Province of Málaga, which we make by learning about their heritage and traditions.
  • A TASTE OF MALAGA, where you can enjoy the unique product which officially obtained this distinction.
  • TOURISM with thousands of points of interest thanks to a rich heritage (museums, monuments, cultural centres, archaeological sites, etc.), wonderful nature, ancient traditions, but also catering and accommodation establishments or those which offer tourist information or leisure activities (spas, wine cellars, viewpoints, marinas, golf courses, tourist offices, etc.).
  • JOB with opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial skills.
  • FIND YOURSELF along different stages of the path which are associated with the state of our body, mind and emotions.


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