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France becomes the third Costa del Sol’s market with a 10% increase in overnight stays.


France becomes the third Costa del Sol’s market with a 10% increase in overnight stays.

The last promotion in France shows high rate of customer loyalty in the case of theseinternational tourists.

El Caminito del Rey plays a leading part in a tourist exhibition in Paris.

French market, the third foreign market in the number of tourists who come to the Costa del Sol, has been growing during this year. There is a 10% increase in the number of passengers who come to Málaga Airport, as well as in the overnight stays in hotels and flats.
There were more than158,000 French passengers who came to the coast between January and May 2015 (12,5% up on the previous year), while the number of overnight stays has increased 10,7%, as it movedfrom 327,353 stays in 2014 to 362,453 stays in 2015 up to now. The number of hotel visitors is also higher. There are 3,2% more people. There are more than 90,000 visitors from this neighbour country, which is 2,000 more than a year ago.

County Council of Málaga and Costa del Sol Tourism president Elîas Bendodopointed out that this province has much to offer ‘to a market which shows a lot of interest in the culture, active or urban tourism offer’. Moreover, he mentioned the last report from the SpanishTour in June 2015 in which is stressed that the French value Spanish lifestyle and take Spain for the second culture destination, right after Italy, as well as sun and beach destination. The report says that: ‘This image of our country as a culture destination influences a lot decisions of French tourists when choosing their holiday destination, according to EGATUR’.

Significance of El Caminito del Rey

In this circumstances, Costa del Sol Tourism came back with an excellent feeling from Paris, where they promoted this destination tourism in July as a part of a street action in cooperation with the Tourism and Trade Department of the Andalusian Government.
Thispromotion action, which was addressed directly to the inhabitants of the capital city of France for six days and 10 hours a day, resulted in a great demand for information, above all in the case of the Costa del Sol and Seville as for the Andalusian tourist supply.More specifically, people from Paris were interested in 2015 active tourism main attraction – El Caminito del Rey.

In accordance will all of this, the main reasons for choosing an international destination in the case of French tourists are: weather, price, closeness, learning about other cultures and safety.