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El Caminito del Rey stars the premiere of ‘Volando Voy’, Jesús Calleja’s new TV programme


El Caminito del Rey stars the premiere of ‘Volando Voy’, Jesús Calleja’s new TV programme

Calleja’s team stopped by in the Province of Málaga to visit Valle de Abdalajís and the surroundings of El Chorro reservoir from 3rd to 9th May, thanks to the intervention of the Costa del Sol Tourism.

Bendodo underlines that 165,000 tourists who booked to see this spot turned the province into an internationally recognized active tourism landmark in only six months.

This coming weekend, El Caminito del Rey is becoming a star of the new TV show ‘Volando Voy’, presented by famous adventurer Jesus Calleja. The premiere show is on TV Cuatro on Sunday, 19th July at 9.30 pm.

The programme’s team of approximately 20 people, were filming in Málaga from 3rd to 9th May, and they visited the village of Valle de Abdalajîs, El Chorro, El Caminito del Rey, and Lobo Park. This stay was organized by the institution Costa del Sol Tourism.
County Council and Costa del Sol Tourism president Elîas Bendodo said that the reopening of El Caminito del Rey path on 28th March was crucial to accepting Málaga as one of the internationally recognizedactive tourism destinations. He added: ‘We have been working for four years in order to offer tourists more attractions such as El Caminito del Rey, the Great Málaga Path or the Coastal Path, which should be the reason why the Costa del Sol is outstanding and prove it has much to offer.’

Because of that, approximately 165,000 people booked the tickets for El Caminito del Rey for the first period of time after the reopening, from 28th March to 30thSeptember.Therefore, round 70,000 people are expected to come from the second half of July to the 30th of September.

Moreover, during the first months after the reopening of the path, El Caminito del Rey was visited by 145 media companies from 22 countries, and 78 of them were international, like The Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, Clarîn, Corriere della Sera, Die Welt, Suddeutsche Zeitung or Aftonbladet.

With inhabitants and Fran Perea…

On this Sunday’s TV show, the inhabitants of Valle de Abdalajîs will appear.A farmer, a Japanese painter, a house wife and a hippy who lives in a cave are going to be guests in Calleja’s curious programme. Moreover, this traveller will have a surprise visit of one of the most distinguished inhabitants of the village, actor and singer Fran Perea. The crowning moment is going to be a visual surprise.Calleja came with Google team for this purpose, and explained: ‘My mission here is of a technological nature, asthis is the first ‘Street View’of El Caminito del Rey, which should give everybody in the world the opportunity to see the path on their computers and visit it in a virtual way’.

A view from a helicopter

‘Volando Voy’ is a new TV programme, presented by Jesús Calleja,which visits places on the national territory. The aim of the programme is to show some representative spots of Spanish terrain from the air. Calleja and his team will come by helicopter to a specific place and visit the area, film the landscape and discover local culture with help of local people who he will meet during his stay.

Every episode is supposed to find answers to some enigma, paint the landscape as never before or show the reality in an original way. For that purpose, he will count on the latest technology of drones and different gadgets, which he will show to the inhabitants, so to make them wonder, get surprised, learn and have fun, and in order to creategood atmosphere.

Read about the programme on:
Twitter: @volandovoyTV