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El Caminito del Rey received Andalusian Award for Contribution in Tourism in 2016 in the Good Practice category


El Caminito del Rey received Andalusian Award for Contribution in Tourism in 2016 in the Good Practice category

The awards celebration was held this afternoon in Ronda.

This is only one among many other national and international awards given to the path.

The refurbishment project of El Caminito del Rey Path received the Premio Andalucía del Turismo prize (the Andalusian Award for Contribution to Tourism Sector in 2016), in the Good Practice category, an award for dedicated work to people or companies who support this industry. This is one of many awards in the field of architecture, heritage and tourism which this project performed by the County Council of Málaga was honoured with.

County Council President Elías Bendodo received the prize together with the mayors and representatives of the towns of Álora, Ardales, Antequera and Valle de Abdalajís, at the ceremony in Ronda organized by the Tourism and Sports Department of the Andalusian Government. The experts who participated in the project and belong to different County Council departments also attended the event.

On this occasion, the award was given to the Environmental and Territory Promotion Department. This success was the result of a close and fruitful collaboration between different administration bodies, and the record-breaking number of 300,000 visitors in the first year after opening.

These awards for contribution in tourism can be split in eight different categories. Beside the path, the winners were: conductor Pablo Heras, in the Andalusian Ambassador category, businesswoman María Herrero (La Viñuela Hotel) in the Companies and Entrepreneurs category, the Town of Lucena (Córdoba) for Excellence in Management; the Foundation Vía Verde de la Sierra in Public Institution or Private Organization category; IES Heliópolis from Seville for Training and Research in Tourism; Josefa Viejo, an employee, in Workers category and journalist Pedro Luis Gómez in Communication category. This is the 22nd celebration of the awards granted by the Andalusian Government.


National and International Awards

El Caminito del Rey obtained some very important European awards (three most important prizes for cultural heritage sites), national awards for excellence in tourism and architecture, and a South American award for architecture.

It also obtained Europa Nostra Award, the most prestigious prize in Europe in the heritage field, in three different categories. There were twenty-eight awarded projects in Conservation Category, and El Caminito del Rey was one of them. It was the only Spanish project, together with the refurbishment of six churches in Lorca after the earthquake.

Moreover, it was among seven project that were granted the Grand Prix Award by the experts, and the most voted project by European citizens on the Internet, which is why it obtained the Public Choice Award.

The European Commission gave special mention to El Caminito del Rey as the best example of creativity, invention and sustainability in the European heritage field.

Furthermore, the path was awarded for emerging tourist destination by the Spanish Cabinet at the end of 2015 and it was considered one of twenty-two best town-planning projects preformed in Spain in 2015 at the 13th Spanish Architecture and Town Planning Biennial in the category of Town Planning: Town and Landscape held last April.


Travelling Exhibition

These twenty-two awarded projects together with El Caminito del Rey Refurbishment form part of a travelling exhibition, called Alternativas (Alternatives). The exhibition will remain in the Palace of Carlos V in Granada until October 12th, and it will then be taken to several other Spanish towns, as well as abroad, included New York. 

At the same time, the path was awarded at the 10th Hispanic-American Architecture and Town Planning Biennial (Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo), where it competed together with other 194 projects presented by committees from twenty-one different countries. It was among other twenty-six awarded projects from Argentina (2), Mexico (2), Portugal (4), Ecuador (2), Paraguay (2), Brazil (4), Uruguay (1), Colombia (1), Chile (1) and, of course, Spain (7). This awards ceremony will be held in São Paulo in Brazil next month.