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El Caminito del Rey Path achieves the maximum number of visitors, by receiving 1,100 people at the reopening


El Caminito del Rey Path achieves the maximum number of visitors, by receiving 1,100 people at the reopening

20,700 entrance tickets for all days until 30th June have sold out online to members of public.

The reopening of the path caused great excitement this morning. The proof are 1,100 people, the maximum possible number of visitors, who were received. There are hardly any tickets left for the following days.

There have already been sold out 20,700 entrance tickets at the path’s booking portal for the next two months, until 30th June.
This portal can be accessed through the path’s webpage, although it is managed by the awarded company, the joint venture between the companies Hermanos Campano and Bobastro 2000. They will be managing the booking platform, maintenance and conservation, as well as the security and surveillance of the path El Caminito del Rey for four years.

We must remind that the tickets are not only sold to public. The model which is used is similar to the one applied in the case of Alhambra in Granada. According to it, tourist agencies are to be supplied with 37% of the tickets for organized travel bookings or sale in advance, and other 37% are meant for sale in advance to individual tourists by authorized establishments in the area. Moreover, 16% of the tickets are reserved for educational, scientific or cultural visits, as well as ceremonial visits and those related to the tourism development in Málaga, whereas other 10% are used for direct selling to the members of public on the web-based telematics platform.

The maximum number of visitors per year is set to be 300,000 people, while 1,100 people a day are to be allowed. At the beginning, the spot is going to be opened from Tuesday to Friday, except on 24th, 25th and 31st December and 1st January, and when the weather conditions are not suitable.

This new management model has been approved by the commission in charge of the path that includes the County Council of Málaga and the Town Councils of Álora and Ardales. This commission brought the decision that the maximum number of visitors, timetables, and opening hours are flexible, and can be changed depending on the kind of visits.