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Eight companies present their offers for the management of the new path El Caminito del Rey


Eight companies present their offers for the management of the new path El Caminito del Rey

Within only few weeks, these offers will be revealed and analysed.

Eight companies, some of them joint ventures, have handed in their offers for the allocation of the management of El Caminito del Rey. Within few days, right after the deadline, the offers are going to be opened, and their analysis and assessment will have been performed in a few weeks.

These are the above eight tenders: Joint Venture Culmatur and Solisol from Antequera; Leisure Parks, Grupo Parques Reunidos, from Madrid; Josê Javier Calle Rodrîguez from Málaga; Sánchez Domînguez-Sando PLC Building Company from Málaga; Campano Área de Servicio Ltd from Ardales; Joint Venture Hermanos Campano Ltd and Bobastro 2000 Ltd from Ardales; Joint Venture Actua Infraestructuras Ltd, Autobuses Paco Pepe Ltd and Central de Reservas Costa del Sol Ltd from Málaga; and Asistencia, Organización y Servicios PLC (AOSSA) (Assistance, Planning and Services) from Seville.

In two months’ time at the latest, the board formed by civil servants from the Málaga County Council shall conclude the proposals’ assessment, and decide which of the above companies is going to be allocated the management of the path.

Financial Assessment Criteria

The document on economic and administrative conditions of the public awarding of El Caminito del Rey establishes the tax of €75,000 that the County Council of Málaga is to be paid every year by the chosen company. This amount will be invested in the surroundings.

Furthermore, the document establishes that at least 9% of tickets takings are to be used for the maintenance of the path.
These two matters, the established council tax and the percentage allocated to the path’s maintenance, will be taken into consideration when assessing proposals received from companies that tender for a contract, as well as companies’ solvency (they must generate income of €750,000 or more) and their technical abilities.

The New Management Model

According to this new management model of El Caminito del Rey Path, tickets will no longer be free, and the maximum price they can reach will be round 8 euros (€8.2645) more the corresponding VAT. Currently, this kind of tickets are taxed at 21% so their price will not be higher than €10.

Due to the protection of this natural spot, a maximum number of 300,000 visitors a year is stipulated, as well as a maximum number of 1,100 people who can come to the path per day.

The document includes different indications of the proper use of the path by licensee, who is obliged to run the path according to the established conditions, giving no others but services or activities that are noted in the contract.

Moreover, the company that manages the path is forbidden to sublease, rent, hand over, transfer ownership or tax this public service concession.

The licensee shall also protect and keep these facilities clean and in perfect and healthy conditions during the time of concession. All small and large repairs, as well as ordinary and extraordinary ones that are necessary for the proper running of the path shall be paid by the company in charge as well.