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Nomination Proposal

Logotipo del Caminito del Rey y su entorno - Candidatura a Patrimonio de la UNESCO

Nomination Proposal

All the outstanding heritage should belong to humankind as an everlasting legacy. In order to make sure these aims are achieved there is to perform the registration and conservation of the sites. Therefore, any proposal to be included on the World Heritage List has to be not only supported by certain people and institutions but also by the public that confirms the real value of the site.

This is why we want to present the nomination of El Caminito del Rey Path (the King's Little Pathway) and its surroundings for the inclusion on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. The proposal is based on seven monuments, placed along less than 20 kilometres, which are part of our history and you will surely love them.

The Natural Beauty Spot Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, El Chorro or the Count of Guadalhorce's Reservoir and Gaitanejo Dam, the walkways over the waterfall in the hydroelectric power complex El Chorro, El Chorro Train Station and the bridges over the Gaitanes Gorge, as well as the Palaeolithic Cave in Ardales and Las Aguilillas Necropolis or the Bobastro Mozarabic cave country chapel have stood in this area for centuries and witnessed the human presence since the Palaeolithic. The unique natural surroundings have allowed the industrial development of the area and gave us places such as the path and dramatic scenery, which can be considered as one of the most beautiful in the whole world.

The nomination of El Caminito del Rey path and its surroundings are presented by the County Council of Málaga, and deserve to be applauded by the society. This is why we would like to be provided with the support of the public bodies, institutions, associations, companies and people who are fond of and believe in this natural and cultural heritage which we would like to preserve for future generations and express its outstanding value.

In order to include our proposal on the Spanish Government List, it is crucial to justify Outstanding Universal Value of each of the above sites. We are convinced they all have it, and that we have seven reasons to ask you to give your support to our proposal (check the form).

The 'path' that leads to this nomination starts with your support. We would like you to walk with us.

If you are interested in getting  the book "Caminito del Rey y su entorno. Candidatura a Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO", download the file at this link (at the moment only in Spanish). If you also want to know the monuments of this nomination, click here to view the video that we have made in this regard.