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Unique Corners

"Unique corners are those places that create not only images in your memory but also experiences and feelings that last forever".

Málaga is unique from its continental part to the coast. This province is beautiful from inside and outside: it is natural, full of life, traditions and different cultures. It is hospitable, cosmopolitan and open to everybody.
This is what our Málaga is like, a proud province than can be rural as well as international and full of magical corners. From this paradise, with more than three hundred sunny days a year, where we all enjoy natural goodness, we invite you now to observe this land from a different perspective in order to discover new sensations and experiences, that is to say, new ‘Unique Corners’.

These are places that generate not only images in your memory but also experiences and feelings that last forever; locations that let you follow your instincts, and stand out for its special beauty and distinguishing qualities. We cannot ignore that Málaga is the second most-mountainous province in Spain, and that its geographical features make of it a unique spot. There are 7, 306 square kilometres of space which is undiscovered and which we will try to reveal in all its beauty.

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