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The Great Málaga Path

The Great Málaga Path

The Great Málaga Path (GR 249) is a long-distance path (marked as GR in Spanish) that goes around the Province of Málaga along 650 km. This long-distance path, with thirty-five stages, allows hikers to see the coast and the inland of the Province, and its many and beautiful towns and villages.

Nevertheless, the Greal Málaga Path is much more than that:

  • It is a SPORTS infrastructure connected to other activities, such as: rafting, via ferratas climbing routes, canoeing, BTT descent, canyoning up and down the canyons.
  • It is a PATH that stretches across four nature parks, two nature reserves and three natural beauty spots.
  • It is a way to learn about the CULTURES of the Province of Málaga by travelling through its cultural heritage and traditions.
  • It is a way to TASTE MÁLAGA, and enjoy flavours of the unique products that earned this description.
  • It is TOURISM because there are thousands of tourist attractions thanks to its cultural heritage (museums, monuments, cultural centres, archeological sites, etc.), its incredible natural surroundings, some old traditional customs restaurants and hotels, or tourist activities based on collecting information or other leisure activities (spas, wine cellars, view points, sport ports, golf courses, tourist offices, etc.).
  • It is also a JOB opportunity  and an occasion to start your own business.
  • It is a WAY to find yourself by personal effort and work of your body, mind and emotion.

Two of the thirty-five stages of this long-distance route go along El Caminito del Rey Path. If you are interested in the stages, find out all about them by clicking on the following links.

  • Stage 20, Embalses del Guadalhorce - Estación de El Chorro
  • Stage 21, Estación de El Chorro - Ardales

For more information on the other stages of the Great Málaga Path , click here.