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About the visit

About the visit

What if I forget the ticket?

You will not be allowed in, as it is compulsory to have it at the control cabins.


For your and other visitors’ safety’s sake. During the visit to the path El Caminito del Rey, you must have the ticket at all times with yourself, this is to say at the entrance and exit points.

What is written on the tickets?

The name of the ticket bearer (responsible person), his or her ID, or other identification. In the case of minors, a responsible adult’s name is also to be written on it.
Tickets are personal and cannot be given to other person. You must keep it with you all along the way between the two control cabins.
They include a unique bar code, which will be read by the personnel at the boardwalks entrance and exit. The access point (Ardales), as well as the time of the visit and its end are on the tickets. The time when you are going to end the route is estimated (3 or 4 hours after its beginning). The route is meant to be walked at a slow rhythm, with stops and breaks.
Finally, tickets have an important sentence on them: ‘The bearer declares to be familiar with Public Space and Safety Regulations of El Caminito del Rey, and undertake to respect them.’
The ticket will be validated at the exit and entrance point electronically. Therefore, it has to be conserved at all times, together with identification, until you arrive at the exit. Only the bearer of the ticket will have civil liability insurance as it is said in the document on regulations.

Does the ticket bearer obtains insurance?

Yes. Every visitor will get civil liability insurance that will cover any accident along the boardwalks, as far as it is not provoked by failure to comply with established regulations or it is visitor’s fault.

Is it important to be punctual?

Yes. Visitors with tickets should arrive at the access area (gates at the boardwalks behind the control points), at least, half an hour before the time on the booking receipt so groups could be organized.

In what sense can you walk the Caminito?

Only in one way (from Ardales to Álora).

Where should I walk along the path?

You should always walk on the right side of the path, above all on the boardwalks. When two people come into each other, there is to be careful in order not to put in danger the person who walks close to the edge.

What about climbers?

People who would like to go climbing at El Caminito del Rey path have free access to it. When they reach the control cabins, they have to show their civil liability insurance, to register and accept the Public Space and Safety Regulations of the Path and the conditions established by the Natural Beauty Spot (the Gaitanes Gorge) in order to be permitted to do such activity.

Is it necessary to be fit?

The path El Caminito del Rey is refurbished structure prepared for active tourism that requires certain physical effort. Therefore, certain fitness is recommendable, above all if visitors plans to go along the path and return to the starting point. This path is not recommended for people who are not fit enough, might suffer from dizziness, or have heart disease, respiratory illness, or are receiving a medical treatment and the medicines are to be taken during the walk.

Is it allowed to bring food?

Yes, you can bring water or some energy drink, energy bars, nuts or fruit. Visitors are supposed to plan their lunch and bring sandwiches or other prepared meal, but not much more. You must not forget that it is forbidden to light a fire and there are no bins as this is a natural beauty spot. Moreover, once you reach the boardwalks, there will not be space for preparing meals, nor it is advisable to stop to eat there in order not to influence the flow of visits. This is all because the path is very narrow (it is not wider than 1.5 metres at most parts of the boardwalks).

Should I take anything else with me?

Yes, you should. Sun cream and a hat, as well as appropriate clothes, depending on the weather, and hiking boots.

Are there rubbish bins on the path?

No, there aren’t. There are bins at the entrance and exit, close to the control cabins. Therefore, you should keep your litter (paper, food remains, bottles, cans, etc.) until you get to these points. As this is a nature reserve, you must not drop litter, and you should help cleanliness of the area.

Are there toilets?

No, there aren’t. Currently there are no toilets because only the existing structures have been refurbished. Obviously, we are trying to find ecological solutions for installing the toilets at different points of the path. They are going to be placed at the entrance and exit points.

Is there a security staff at the path?

Yes, there is. At the access points of the path, and during the visit, rules and indications given by the Control, Information and Security staff should be followed. All the indications given by the Environmental or Civil Guard officials will have to be followed as well.

Is this place hazardous?

Of course it is. Firstly, because it is surrounded by nature, and, secondly, because in the area of the gorge we are surrounded by mountains so rockfall is possible. Thirdly, because a considerable part of the route stands at a significant altitude. Actually, on the billboards at access points, it is said ‘you risk your life if you do not fully follow safety signs and instructions’.

Can I lean to see the view?

It depends on what you mean by that. As we said, a larger part of the route is at an altitude of more than 100 metres, so it is absolutely forbidden to lean over the rails. You are neither allowed to carry people or children no matter what their age is. The refurbishment of the path was done with the intention of preserving the views, but, not at the expense of safety measures. Therefore, light but highly resistant cables and materials were used when building the protecting rails and rockfall barriers.

What if it rains a lot or it is very windy?

When it rains or it is too windy, the organizer has the right to close the place for safety measures. If it does not rain much, the access will be allowed, but you must not use umbrellas because the path is hardly one metre wide in most of its parts. Therefore, you have to wear cagoule, waterproofs or similar. As for the wind, if it is too strong in the area with the hanging footbridge between the gorges, at the exit point close to Álora, the path might get closed. You shall be informed about closures on daily bases through the path’s official webpage ( or the telematics-based booking platform.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is banned, as well as lighting a fire. Do not forget this is a natural beauty spot.

Is it allowed to take photos or videos?

You can take photos or videos but without a tripod, or any other element that can block the way. Above all, it is forbidden to use drones or similar devices.

Is it allowed to bring animals?

No, it isn’t. It is absolutely forbidden to come with animals, even with guide dogs. Guide dogs’ leash can be dangerous for other visitors as it can block the way in the case of evacuation, considering how narrow the boardwalks are. Blind people can come in the company of other person.

Is it allowed to carry big objects?

No, it isn’t. It is forbidden to carry backpacks, bags or other big things for safety’s sake.

What kind of behaviour is expected from the visitor?

We expect you to respect other visitors and the Natural Beauty Spot, which is full of protected plant and animal species. Therefore, it is not allowed to shout, listen to loud music, jump or run along the boardwalks in order to avoid accidents.

Is there a mobile phone signal on the path?

Due to the geographic nature of the space which is between the gorges, there is almost no signal, except Vodafone coverage.

Are there WiFi and USB chargers along the path?

Currently, there aren’t, but the County Council is working on the project Infosenderos (Info-trails), which aims is to install innovative information points that will have WiFi, USB, lightening and fire detection and alarm system. This project involves The Great Málaga Path and the Coastal Path as well. The points can be spotted by GPS, and online monitoring and updating is possible so the County Council and Town Councils can control them from distance.

Where can I find information on the path?

Check the official Caminito del Rey web page, which is available in Spanish, English, French and German. Here you can find not only the booking platform but as well some basic information about the beauty spot where El Caminito del Rey is and the information about the route in the Gaitanes Gorge.