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Important Issues and Suggestions

Important Issues and Suggestions
  1. El Caminito del Rey is a structure that has been refurbished so to be adapted for active tourism surrounded by nature. Because of this, it is hazardous, and certain physical effort and skillfulness are required of visitors who decide to take up the challenge. Consequently, we recommend visitors to take with them:
        a) Water or some other energy drink;
        b) Chocolate bars, energy bars, nuts, and fruit;
        c) Sun cream and a hat, above all, in summer;
        d) Appropriate clothes for the current season, and hiking boots.
  2. Visitors are supposed to plan their lunch and take sandwiches or other prepared meal because there are no places arranged for it on the boardwalks, nor it is advisable to stop to eat there in order not to influence the flow of visits. Therefore, please have your meal before or after coming to the boardwalks.
  3. Visitors should know there are no toilets along the path.
  4. Due to the length of the route and the sections of significant elevation, which are properly indicated at the beginning and the end of the route (elevation profile), this path is not recommended for people who are not fit enough, or might suffer from dizziness (this is because the boardwalks are quite narrow, very high and there is a hanging footbridge in Álora). The route is neither appropriate for people who have heart disease, respiratory illness or mobility disorder, or are receiving a medical treatment and the medicines are to be taken during the walk which might provoke side effects related to respiratory, locomotive or heart system. Moreover, children and dependent minors must be under supervision of parents or a legal guardian at all times during the route.
  5. As this activity is to be carried out in protected natural environment surrounded by mountains, you must watch out for a possible rockfall.

ATTENTIONThe path El Caminito del Rey is linear not circular. This is why you need to make sure to come back to the start on your own. Nevertheless, there are coaches between the northern access (Ardales) and the southern one (El Chorro), which go in both directions. The tickets are available at a very reasonable price. Thanks to the coaches, visitors who come to El Caminito del Rey Path will be able to go back to the start point along the MA-444 road. For more information about the prices, timetables and routes, check with the service management company.