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Compulsory Regulations

Compulsory Regulations
  1. Tickets shall be obtained on telematics-based platform at the path’s website (, or by means determined by the licensed company. You will be issued with the ticket only after having accepted the conditions. On that occasion, you shall be given an access code that can be read by telematics devices.
  2. Access will always be, unless authorization, by the northern area (Ardales) in order that the visitor always makes it downhill.
  3. Visitors over the age of 8 and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must prove their age with their ID card, passport or corresponding identification and have also their ticket at all times in case they need to show it to the personnel at some point of the path. The ticket has to be handed at the exit as well.
  4. Person in possession of ticket will have civil liability insurance that will cover any accident along the trail except those provoked by failure to comply with established regulations or those that are visitor’s fault.
  5. Visitors who have previously booked their tickets need to arrive at the access points at least half an hour earlier than written on the booking receipt so groups could be formed.
  6. Visitors with tickets shall go directly to the trail through the entrance placed in the Municipality of Ardales (northern access). These will be indicated by signs. It will only be possible to access the path at the authorized places, while the entrance at any other spot, especially along the railway, is absolutely forbidden. The County Council and the corresponding organization in charge of the spot will be absolved from any responsibility in the case of that kind of actions.
  7. Visitors are obliged to put on correctly the safety equipment they will be provided with at the entrance.
  8. Everybody should walk on the right side of the trail, above all, along the boardwalks. When two people get across each other, there is to be careful when walking next to the rail that protects from falling down the gorge in order to avoid hazard.
  9. Those who would like to go climbing will have free entrance to the path. For that purpose, they need to show their civil liability insurance at the access points, and to register and accept the regulations and conditions of the nature reserve in the case of this activity.
  10. Climbing is allowed only on the walls that have been approved for that purpose by the responsible environmental consultancy. Nevertheless, in the gorge, only the part of the rock under the boardwalks will be in use. Any competitive climbing without previous authorization from the body responsible for the environment is forbidden. Moreover, climbers have to respect other regulations, obligations and prohibitions from this document, except those regarding rucksacks. It is banned to jump over the rails in order to access the climbing areas, or to anchor on the boardwalks.
  11. Visitors, climbers and other people who come to El Caminito del Rey Path, and the nature reserve Desfiladero de los Gaitanes have to obey these norms as well as those established by the responsible environmental consultancy.


Other rules

Finally , the following rules shall also be considered:

  1. At the access points and during the visit, the rules are to be followed by everyone, as well as the indications given by the staff from the Control and Information Section and from the security guards. Please, take necessary measures to prevent falling down and keep the area clean.
  2. People and vehicles can only move in the areas which are authorized and indicated for that purpose. Therefore, you have to respect the banning and information signs.
  3. Those who do not respect the above rules can be expelled from the area by the responsible personnel or authorities.
  4. The corresponding organization has the authority to close, limit or temporarily suspend visits, even during the opening hours and days, for safety’s matters, and in order to preserve the place, or because of refurbishment works, weather or some circumstances beyond anybody’s control. There are no rights of compensation for the people affected by these changes.
  5. Nonetheless, regulations, rules or suggestions given by the employees who manage the trail, environmental agents, or state security officers are compulsory.
  6. All the information related to this active tourism infrastructure, as well as changes, alterations or problems regarding the access to the area, will be provided at the path’s website and the telematics-based booking platform.