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Public Space and Safety Regulations

Public Space and Safety Regulations

Regulations that are to be followed during public visit to the path El Caminito del Rey (The King’s Little Pathway) are supposed to allow the citizens to use public space and take pleasure in it, and to protect the spot at the same time. For this purpose, there is to consider that it is placed in the middle of nature; that it is hazardous, and that certain physical effort and skillfulness are necessary to go across it. These characteristics make of it an ideal active tourism resort.

Out of consideration for the environment and other visitors, there is to behave properly during the visit. Above all, it is necessary to avoid crowd formations, racing, noise, and to keep from leaning over the rails. Any other acting that can put in danger the animal or plant life of the area or the visitors’ safety is forbidden.

Consequently, it will be necessary to learn and accept the use regulations in order to obtain the tickets.

Visitors will be able to travel across the protected natural environment and its surroundings. Therefore, all the signs are going  to be created according to the Natural Spots Signs Manual of the Andalusian Government, and all the indications given by the Environmental or Civil Guard officials will have to be followed .