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Human Presence since Prehistory

Human Presence since Prehistory

El Caminito (2)Numerous prehistoric, mostly Neolithic, sites confirm human presence at Gaitanejo and El Chorro natural beauty spots. All this territory is said to be a strategic point that connects coastal area with inland, where the rivers Turón, Guadalteba and Guadalhorce stand for the most attractive spots in the area. In these first human settlements in the area, rivers must have been the centre of communications, and the most important mean of transport and connection between different villages.

In this prehistoric outlook of territorial control and communications, the Bronze Age was an important period in the development of Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, as it is a control and connection point of inland valleys with the Lower Valley of Guadalhorce.


This wide and favourable natural territory was home to numerous nations from the end of the 9th to 3rd century BC, when Roman Empire forcefully bursted into the Province of Málaga and Peninsula in general.