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Ten Basic Rules for Hikers

Ten Basic Rules for Hikers
  1. You must not drop or bury litter. Take it to the waist collection point.
  2. Never light the fire. Bring prepared meals.
  3. Close gates, hut’s doors, bars on doors, etc. That you findon your way in order to prevent cattle from going out or other animals from coming in.
  4. Follow footpaths. Shortcuts can only damage the ground, and make the original path disappear.
  5. Motor vehicles should be used on roads, and not on paths. You must not destroy peace and quiet of the countryside with the motor noise.
  6. Dogs must be kept on a leash in order not to frighten kettle or animals.
  7. Take care of fountains, rivers, and other watersources. You must not throw soap, detergent, contaminating products or waste into water.
  8. Never pull up flowers or branches, so we could all enjoy them.
  9. You must not camp at places that do not serve that purpose, but only in camp sites.
  10. Get to know, respect and commit yourself to defending the environment.

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