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Access Ways

Access Ways

Shuttle buses schedule is going to be extended (check here) startingfrom 1st September. The bus serviceis planned to start at 8.45 pm. Therefore were commend the visitors to come by train if possible. They will then be able to continue their trip to the path El Caminito del Rey by several different means of transport.

By road

From Málaga

If you start your trip in Málaga City, take the A–357 motorway, and go towards MA-444, through the Municipalities of Cártama, Pizarra, Carratraca, and Ardales. This route is 59.1 km long, and it takes 50 minutes by car. In Pizarra, you can also go to Álora by motorway, and then along A-343 to the train station El Chorro. This route is a little bit longer – 60 km, and you will take a little more than one hour to get to your destination. The road is narrower and curvier than the previous one.

From Antequera

From most points of Andalusia, placed to the north of the El Caminito del Rey, the best way to the trail is coming from Antequera (which is usually accessed by the A-92 motorway). At Antequera, you can choose one of the following two ways.

The first one is towards Camplillos (the A-384 motorway), and leads to the reservoirs of El Chorro (A-357 and MA-451) in Ardales. This route is 55 km long and takes 54 minutes. The other one is from Antequera to Abdalajís Valley (A-343), and then to El Chorro Train Station (MA-226). This route road is much narrower, has more curves and the road surface is worse. Nevertheless, it is shorter: it is 34 km long, and takes 45 minutes.

From Ronda

Finally, you can also arrive at the trail coming from Ronda (along the motorway that stretches from Cadiz, M-367), and past Ardales. There you can take the above MA-444. This route is 60 km long and takes one hour.

From Ardales

Until October 2015, you can enter to El Caminito del Rey from Ardales (at the Count of Guadalhorce’s Reservoir), or from Álora (El Chorro Train Station). This way you cover 7.7 km, which is total of 4.8 km long access ways and 2.9 km long boardwalks. From October on, you can only accessed from Ardales, and the route is downhill. 

There are two paths if you come from Ardales, from the surroundings of the Conde de Guadalhorce’s (the Count of Guadalhorce’s) Reservoir. The first one is shorter and it takes 20 minutes. It goes through the tunnel with the recently installed lights, which is before El Kiosko restaurant, to the control cabins at the Gaitanejo Hydroelectric Power Station. The second path is longer, and it starts at the Chair of Alfonso XIII (this is a signposted path). These 2.7 km can be covered in 50 minutes. El Chorro Train Station

If you arrive at El Chorro by train, you have to take the shuttle bus to get to the entrance area (Embalses-Ardales).

By train

There is a possibility to come by regional trains. Check enclosed document (in Spanish) for timetable and prices.

Shuttle bus service

There are coaches between the northern access (Ardales) and the southern one (El Chorro), which go in both directions. The tickets are available at a very reasonable price of € 0.94 or € 1.50, depending on whether you have a transport card for the area of Málaga.  Thanks to the coaches, visitors who come to El Caminito del Rey Path will be able to go back to the start point along the MA-444 road.. Check enclosed document (in Spanish) for timetable and prices.