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Considering that the route is in protected natural environment, and it stretches along narrow and high walkways, especially the boardwalks, and also for safety reasons, it is forbidden:

  • To carry a child or other person, no matter their age is, at any part of the boardwalks.
  • Use sandals , high heels or any other shoes that are not suitable for this activity and can generate ankle injury or falls.
  • To use a harness or to be tied to a cable on the boardwalks, as this might put obstacles in the way of other people who transit it and can make them fall down the precipice. It also prohibited the use of "sticks selfie" as they posed an obstacle in the pathway for visitors.
  • To carry backpacks, bags or any other big object.
  • Not to use properly security equipment that is given at the access points to the boardwalks.
  • To use umbrella instead of a raincoat, cagoule or other waterproof clothes when it rains.
  • To drop litter.
  • To make a fire.
  • To smoke.
  • To consume alcohol or have any kind of food which is not mentioned in the above suggestions.
  • To take photos or videos with a tripod or to use cameras and equipment that can block other visitors’ way .
  • To use drones or similar machines, except when authorized by the correspondent environmental consultancy, as this natural beauty spot is an important birds sanctuary.
  • To come with animals.
  • To swim in the river or its ponds.
  • To go to the canals tunnels.
  • To leave the path which is in use in Hoyo Valley because there is the risk of landslide.
  • To pull up plants or its parts.
  • To shout or listen to loud music.
  • To take your clothes or shoes off and to lie down.
  • To damage rocks or other geological elements such as fossils.
  • To paint or write on structures or natural elements.
  • To scatter deceased people’s ashes.
  • To come with a pram / baby carriage, pushchairs, strollers or similar.
  • To come with children younger than eight.
  • To sell and resell tickets or booking receipts or its forgeries.

All visitors to the path have to follow these regulations, as well as those rules brought by the personnel due to some unexpected or unforeseen circumstance.